About Us

Parham Engineering Consultants (PEC) is a civil engineering company that specializes in accident reconstruction. We offer creditable and comprehensive accident reconstruction in the southeast region. Our staff utilizes forensic investigation techniques, as well as sound engineering and physics principles, to identify causation and contributing factors in a collision.

We have more than 20 years of experience in civil engineering, with emphasis in highway design, traffic operations and safety and site design. We look forward to providing cost-effective, objective, professional accident reconstruction to our clients who value our reputation for integrity and expertise.

PEC’s level of experience and expertise ensures that our team can appropriately respond to an incident in both a proficient and professional manner. Converging from various professional backgrounds in diverse areas of civil engineering, such as traffic engineering, highway design, civil site design, and transportation research, the members of the PEC team provide our clients with an unrivaled perspective into the causative factors of an accident. PEC prides itself on continually promoting the highest standards of analysis by utilizing current research within the field of accident reconstruction.

PEC also recognizes that any level of personal expertise can be ineffective without first possessing the ability or means to successfully convey complex information with our diverse clients. In order to encourage a greater dissemination of knowledge between our company and our clients, the PEC team also specializes in presenting information through verbal, written, and visual mediums to ensure that our findings are comprehensive and easily accessible.

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